Zack Snyder Army of the Dead Prequel Netflix trailer

Matthias Schweiffer և Natalie Emanuel are standing in front of a giant safe of thieves' army.

Matthias Schweifer և Natalie Emanuel Army of thieves.
Image:: Netflix:

We saw what happens when a group of highly trained soldiers Try to rob a Las Vegas casino overcrowded with zombies. It did not go well. Now we will see what will happen when a group of thieves try to rob banks in other parts of the world Invasion of zombies.

The first story was in the story of ack ak Snyder Army of the Dead. The last one is from Army of thieves, A prototype of Snyder movie, which will be released on Netflix on October 29. Directed by Matthias Schweiferfer, who played Dieter in the first film. In this new hijacking movie, Dieter combines (before Vegas work, obviously) with a variety of characters, including Fast and furious and Game of Thrones star Natalie Emanuel. You saw the teaser but now here is the full trailer for it Army of thieves.

As is evident from these new trailers, Army of thieves is not a zombie movie. Omb wolves are part of his world, but not this particular story. This is an example of how Snyder and his team hope to take that first major film և to expand it into all sorts of new and different forms into a real, original Snyder.

“We really liked the idea that it was created when there were zombies in the world, but it’s not a zombie movie.” Producer Deborah Snyder said a few months ago. “Who preached where it is a different genre?” [of] movie? To me, this is more of a romantic, comedic, looting film than anything else. [It just] “It happens that they live in a world where zombies are in the United States. It causes some instability in the banking system.”

Army of thieves will be broadcast on October 29. Are you excited about the movie? How do you think this will compare? Army of the Dead?

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