Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 results

Tyson Fury և Deontay Wilder presented a gift to the boxing fans on Saturday night. a fight with a savage and a fight ahead For Fury’s WBC և Linear Heavyweight Championship. Whether Fury managed to survive two knockdowns to secure a knockout title in the 11th round, Wilder did more than prove that he was one of the world’s elite heavyweights.

They both tasted the canvas, got into a fight, no one really dropped out of the competition, until Fury’s crushing right hand sent Wilder to the canvas in the 11th round. The victory allowed Fury to claim the final advantage in a fierce competition that lasted three fights.

After this great fight, let’s take a look at some of the fantastic night’s great events.

A real big championship fight of all time

Before we get into what this fight means for two men, we really need to say how great this fight was. Heavy-duty heavyweight boxing often does not have really great fights. It can deliver great moments, like Andy Ruiz’s shocking knockout of Anthony osh oshua in June 2019, but far more rarely do we see great fights similar cases that regularly occurred at the championship level in previous eras. Fury և Wilder presented just that Saturday night in a real-time heavyweight championship bout. Their first meeting was a very good fight with dramatic moments, the second was dramatic in Fury’s tenure, but the third was really, really great

Both men deserve the magnitude of this fight. Fury as a tough iron boxer whose hearts must be guarded և Wilder served as a dangerous knockout artist who did not break, no matter how likely he was after the first knockdown. Some boxing couples can not help but bewitch, and Fury և Wilder’s acquaintance and seemingly genuine hatred created something unique in Las Vegas և a fight that belongs to the library of the classic boxing championship.

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Wilder proved something important in the defeat

We were constantly talking about how Wilder would present himself as a new, improved, but at the same time extremely dangerous fighter in the trilogy. Given Wilder’s excuse parade after losing the Ranch game, it was easy to cancel it as it was more talk of a fighter who was apparently mentally broken by a better opponent. Instead, Wilder really emerged as a changed fighter. He promised to work on the body early, as promised. And although he seemed broken when Fury knocked out the first knockdown in the third round, Wilder was pushed back by two huge knockdowns in the fourth.

Tired Wilder never stopped trying, it made him a more dangerous, more complete fighter than he was in February 2020. Coach Malik Scott told Wilder that he would wake up in the morning and be proud of himself. That should be absolutely the case. Wilder lost the fight, but he proved that he was prepared by serious forces during that time. Now we are sitting և waiting to see if Wilder will be able to mentally overcome the second defeat suffered by Fury և eliminate all doubts that he is not the best man in the competition. His ability to do so dictates what his future holds in sports.

Fury is the largest heavyweight on the planet

There was little debate about where Fury was in the heavyweight division after his victory over Wilder in 2020. While competing in just one of four major world heavyweight championships, the mostly useless linear crown, Fury was the king of the top boxing division. The difference became clearer after Alexander Usik defeated Anthony osh oshua in September. Fury now holds that status after defeating Deontay Wilder best option on Saturday night.

Fury has so many tools that set him apart from the rest of the crowd. He is naturally a great man who still has great endurance. He has excellent skills as a pure boxer, which extends to both attack and defense, allowing him to strike with real force. And, most importantly, his heart is incomparable. Fury removed himself from the canvas four times after Wilder threw him one of the toughest blows in heavyweight history. Not only did he stand up after those four knockdowns, but he deserved to win the first fight after two knockdowns, and after suffering two knockouts in the third fight, he returned to knock out Wilder. Fury is one of the future Hall of Fame: to be considered one of the best heavyweight fighters ever.

Weight and weight loss will have to wait

After this fight, it is worth mentioning that we are still very far away when Fury is fighting for a joint heavyweight championship. Osh Oshua has activated the condition of the return match with Usyk, which means that the heavyweight titles according to the IBF, WBA and WBO versions are connected for some time. Osh Oshua’s victory could even lead to a third fight between the two, although the result is unlikely if the same two fighters appear in the ring when they leave the ring when Usik takes the belts.

What does all this mean for Fury? It means a fight with the winner of Dillian Whyte և Otto Wallin, which ends on October 30. White has spent most of the past few years as a mandatory competitor to the WBC, failing to shoot. Wallin has already met Fury once and almost won after making a huge cut on the champion’s eyebrow. The WBC demanded that the winner of the Fury և Wilder defend the title from either Usik or Whyte vallin. When Yusik is busy with osh oshua, we know Whyte և Wallin bets, especially on schedules that are so perfectly arranged. This is not a four-lane heavyweight unit. But at least there is something like a clear plan for a heavyweight class.

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