The United States is expanding its Afghan refugee program amid rising violence Refugee news

The State Department says it will expand its eligibility for more than 20,000 applicants.

The Biden administration has stepped up its efforts to take in more vulnerable Afghans as the Taliban attack intensifies before the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan later this month.

State Department announces Monday it is expanding the number of Afghans entitled to Refugee status in the United States Include current and former employees of US-based media organizations, US-based aid agencies, US-funded development agencies.

It covers former US government և current ռազմական NATO military operations personnel who do not meet the criteria for a special program for such personnel.

The State Department said the move would mean that “thousands” of Afghans and their immediate families would now be able to settle in the United States as refugees.

It did not offer a more specific number of people who might be eligible for the program.

“The goal of the United States remains a peaceful, secure Afghanistan,” the statement said.

“However, in the face of growing Taliban violence, the US government is working to provide resettlement of certain Afghans, including those working with the United States, to refugees in the United States.”

The “Refugee 2” category for Afghans under the Refugee Reception Program is intended for Afghans, their immediate families, who “may be at risk of belonging to the United States” but cannot obtain a special immigrant visa because they have done so. do not work directly for the US government or do not hold public office for long enough.

To qualify for Championship 2, Afghans must be nominated by a U.S. government agency or the first civilian employee of a U.S.-based media outlet or NGO.

The first group of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants, most of whom were translators or did other work for US troops or diplomats conducting security checks, arrived in the United States on Friday.

The group of 221 people is among the 2,500 who will move to the United States in the coming days.

Another 4,000 SIV applicants, plus those whose families have not yet completed the security clearance, are expected to be relocated to third countries by the end of the US withdrawal. About 20,000 Afghans have expressed interest in the project.

President Biden has ordered the withdrawal of the remaining US troops by the end of the month, ending the longest war in US history.

When the Taliban comes under attack, the Biden administration acknowledges that it fears for the stability of the government with international support.

But it insists the United States has done all it can to fulfill its primary mission of destroying al-Qaeda militants who carried out the 9/11 attacks.

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