Klipsch T5 II ANC headphones use Bragi AI to answer calls by nodding

Clip Modified T5 II Real wireless headphones are a big improvement T5 It debuted in 2019. However, the company’s 2020 models do not offer active noise cancellation (ANC) և only the most expensive version of the sport had wireless charging. Today, Clipsch fulfills those two standard capabilities T5 II ANC, plus it throws in AI-enabled capabilities by true wireless pioneer Bragi և Dirac HD Sound. All the accessories make this model a real flag bearer, up to a premium price of $ 299.

The T5 II ANC has the same design for both headphones and cases as the T5 II. Bud illers have been redesigned since the original T5 to make them more comfortable. Klipsch still includes six sets of oval-silicon ears to help you find the best fit, but the T5 II ANC only has an IPX4 rating of waterproof (compared to the T5 II’s IP67). Inside, the company uses a modified 5.8mm caliber driver with a thinner aperture, which it says improves sound quality at all frequencies.

The clip takes the audio profile one step further with some help from Dirac’s HD Sound technology. Dirac is known for its “digital audio optimization”, և In 2020 the company announced plans for both re-evaluate your headphones and integrate its sound technology directly into future productsFor T5 II ANC, Clipsh says HD Sound will improve staging, clarity, sound, and bass while allowing you to apply custom EQ settings as needed.

Another key feature of the T5 II ANC is the free hand gestures called Bragi Moves. Bragg was one The first companies to create real wireless headphones, long ago Apple helped popularize it Product Category: Company: Headphone line Not only did it work better than most of the earlier versions, but they were also equipped with more equipment. gesture control, storage of aircraft music, with fitness,, real-time translation, etc. In 2019, Bragg announced that he had sold its hardware business by focusing on software: artificial intelligence, Clipsch was one of the first to integrate company gesture control, including the ability to move the head to answer calls or shake his head to leave traces. Bragg technology will also enable side effects or automated processes, such as ANC connection when listening to music or receiving a call, to enable transparency. Clipsh և Bragg was told that there would be more opportunities in the future.

Klipsch T5 II ANC McLaren Edition:


In the T5 II ANC, the noise-canceling setting uses dual microphones (feedback ադարձ feedback) in each headset to capture as much external distortion as possible. Like the և T5, this model also includes a transparency mode so you can adjust to your surroundings when needed. Klipsch also promises “loud, clear” calls with six radiant microphones and automatic noise suppression.

All of these new features have resulted in less battery life. If the ANC is involved, Klipsch says you can listen to the thigh for five hours. That’s less than eight for the T5 II և T5 II Sport. When you turn off the noise canceling feature, the company says you can wait up to two hours to use it. The included case holds an additional 21 hours (three full charges), and Qi-compatible wireless charging is on board.

As with the T5 II Sport, Klipsch offers: McLaren Edition T5 II ANC. The company is the sponsor of the McLaren Formula 1 team, so it brings the example of papaya orange, carbon fiber քայլ tire gait to your headphones. This special edition has all the same features as the standard T5 II ANC, but it comes with a wireless charging pad and is equipped with NuCurrent charging technology. Clipsh says that this feature, combined with the McLaren Edition case, “will charge twice as fast as anything on the market.” The fans of the race will have to collect an additional $ 50. The special issue is $ 349.

Both of them T5 II ANC and T5 II ANC McLaren Edition: are available today.

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