Donald Trump has sued to get his Twitter account back

If you were hoping for a long run! Donald Trump / Twitter: The saga is over, I have bad news. The former president filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida, demanding an initial ban on the ban, while he is working to have his account permanently restored. Trump, as expected, claims the ban violates his First Amendment rights, but he’s the new Florida social media law was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this year, although the courts have done so stopped the law from coming into force on the grounds that: it: probably violates the laws of free speech.

The lawsuit raises a number of predictable arguments that Twitter is “a major avenue for public discourse,” that it “exercises power and control over political discourse in this country, which is immeasurable, historically unprecedented, for the opening of deeply dangerous democratic debates.” :

Of course, Trump’s ban on Twitter (as well as countless other social media platforms such as Facebook: and TikTok:) follows the years of the rules. The former president’s tweets were a frequent source of controversy, not least because he used them frequently bully political opponents and announces Personnel changes (before those involved knew), but because he also shared a steady stream misinformation, racist content: and encouraged violence.

Then, after years of public outcry over its refusal to apply its own rules to the then-president’s accounts, Twitter և Facebook slowly began to crash, with many of its tweets being potentially misleading, especially over the results of the COVID-19 election. Things escalated after the attempted uprising on January 6, when the former president encouraged his followers to attack the capital in an attempt to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

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